Hi Technophiles,

You heard it, isn’t that so?

Imagine a scenario where Google charges you for each pursuit you make.

In case i’m not wrong, you will think why the goliath organization like Google Link Here will charge us for each pursuit.


Alright fine.If it charges then what will happen?

I will change my web crawler…What will you do, if there is no other alternative?

We will share Top 5 episodes that will happen if it Charges..

With no further, how about we start…?

Mark Zuckerberg will begin a new search index, Satya Nadella will be most joyful induviual and Tim Cook will make an ace agreement.
Just kidding..

People will

  • Begin recalling the URL’s of the websites.
  • Never google for senseless reasons
  • Perusing books to investigate anything
  • Downloading the Wikipedia application
  • Hashtags like #GoogleSucks #SayNotoGoogle #justBingIt will begin slanting on Instagram and Twitter


Well, this is it for this article. Let us know your feelings or issues if it charges in the comment section below.

We will see you in the next one.


  1. Never thought of that actually. In case people are charged for searching things in Google, many would stop using Google. Everything has pros and cons. If such charges won’t apply, the users will continue to be the same. In the other case, students will start doing their home assignments on their own, every individual
    would have a bookshelf then 😹. And that could be kinda beneficial because they will start thinking on their own.


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